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Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 ACTSC232 (Introduction to...

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Assignment 2 ACTSC232 (Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics), Fall 2011 This assignment consists of two parts. In Part I, the students are expected to construct one Excel spreadsheet to answer the given questions, and submit the file electronically to the Drop Box “Assignment 2-Part I” on course web site. In part II, the students are required to work out all the given questions and submit a hardy copy of their solutions. Deadline : Part I: by 11:00pm, Nov 1st, 2011; submit ONE Excel file that contains all your answers in a single spreadsheet; the file should be submitted to the Drop Box on the course web site. You are only allowed to submit your solutions for once. Therefore you’d better check your own solution carefully before you submit them. Part II: October 28th (Friday); submit your solutions to the instructor in class; as- signment solutions submitted after the October 28th class are not acceptable. Note:
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Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 ACTSC232 (Introduction to...

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