Lecture 10 (2-25)

Lecture 10 (2-25) - Mental Age Assigned an age t o a...

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1 start Ch 7 Intelligence Hypothetical mental ability to direct your thinking, learn from experience & adapt to your environment INT AS A “SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION” Not an objective quality that exists independent of culture. Each culture decides what abilities are important for its environment. VARIATION AND MEASUREMENT People are rarely identical in most qualities/abilities; they vary (differ) The study of such qualities often referred to as the psychology of individual differences Our understanding of a quality depends on how well we measure it And how we understand the measures (scores) depends on the quality’s variation ; the sample and population we measured Individual scores can be plotted as a frequency distribution, often forming patterns/curves that are bell-shaped Many ways to represent those patterns, and identify what’s a “typical” score Variability: the degree to which scores differ from each other Previous Estimates of Int
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Unformatted text preview: Mental Age Assigned an age t o a certain level of test performance. E.g., if 8-year-olds usually got X questions right, 10-year-olds get Y questions right, then a score of: o X = mental age of 8 o Y = mental age of 10 Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Originally defined as (mental age/chronological age) x 100 Standardization 2 Current IQ Tests Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) 11 subtests o 6 Verbal tests and 5 Performance tests o Scores between subtests can help identify a persons strengths & weaknesses [clip] On the WAIS o Mean is 100 o Standard deviation is 15 Standard dev: Reliability Does this test measure int consistently? Yielding same result across times (on Monday vs. on Thursday) or forms (using form A vs. form B)? Validity Does the test measure what its designed to? That is, is it a good measure of int? Kinds of validity content: predictive:...
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Lecture 10 (2-25) - Mental Age Assigned an age t o a...

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