Lecture 11 (3-2)

Lecture 11 (3-2) - Ch 7 Intelligence(cntd More on...

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1 Ch 7 Intelligence (cnt d) More on Reliability IQ tests quite reliable reliability coefficients in the .90s IQ is mostly stable* across age and across retesting More on Validity Are IQ tests valid? Depends on what for, but the answer is a qualified "yes" validity valid indicators of academic/verbal int. IQ correlates… Predictive of occupational attainment .5 (for some jobs more than others)
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2 Can predict school grades for the entire range of scorers, but less predictive for the top IQ scorers Aptitude vs. Achievement Tests like the SAT Reasoning claim to be aptitude tests claim to measure potential for learning o the capacity or potential of the individual to acquire and usefully use particular knowledge and/or skills SAT Subject test is an achievement test o what you’ve learned in a particular area IQ is general mental ability and overlaps w/ the concepts above Factors that Could Influence Test Scores Don t have to memorize the table below
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Lecture 11 (3-2) - Ch 7 Intelligence(cntd More on...

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