Lecture 13 (3-18)

Lecture 13 (3-18) - Jean Piaget Swiss psychologist; leading...

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1 Ch 10: Development Developmental Psychology: The study of age- related changes throughout the life span What do developmental psychologists study? What are the general methodologies? What Influences Development? What is the Nature of Change? General Age Ranges Stage Approximate Age Infancy Birth - 18 mos Early childhood 18 mos.- 6 yrs Middle childhood 6-12 yrs Adolescence 12-20 yrs Young adulthood 20-45 yrs Middle adulthood 45-60 yrs Later adulthood 60 yrs to death
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2 Cognitive Development How children learn, think, reason, communicate and remember/ interact with the world
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Unformatted text preview: Jean Piaget Swiss psychologist; leading cog dev theorist in the 1930s. Asked children to solve probs and questioned them about the reasoning behind their solutions Discovered children think in radically diff ways than adults Proposed that development occurs as a series of stages differing in how the world is understood Schema A mental representations of what we know & expect about the world Assimilation Interpreting new info so they fit into existing schemas Accommodation Modify existing schemas to fit new info....
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Lecture 13 (3-18) - Jean Piaget Swiss psychologist; leading...

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