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Lecture 17 (4-1)

Lecture 17 (4-1) - CH 11 PERSONALITY Who are You Howd You...

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1 CH 11: PERSONALITY Who are You? How’d You Get That Way? Psychoanalytic Childhood experiences and unconscious motivations Trait Your specific qualities /characteristics we can measure Behavioral (radical) Environment (punishers/reinforcers) & your learning history Cognitive Your conscious thoughts/beliefs about self/life/world Humanistic Basic human need to reach your full potential PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Treated nervous disorders Studied in France to learn hypnotic techniques Found some patients’ med probs improved when they shared their thoughts/feelings under hypnosis Later abandoned hypnosis; used free association instead Led to his structural theory of the psyche More Contextual Info The intellectual climate Darwin, Helmholtz Moral climate conservative Victorian attitudes about sex Political climate WW1, rampant anti-Semitism, rise of Nazi Germany Freud’s traits & relationships family & personal losses (devastated by father s death) mother s favoritism?
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