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Lecture 18 (4-13)

Lecture 18 (4-13) - UNIT 4 Ch 12 Psychological Disorders...

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1 UNIT 4 Ch 12 Psychological Disorders Although the origins/causes of disorders are briefly addressed in the text (and covered in more detail in other psych courses), we won t focus on causes in Psych 001. Our focus will be mainly restricted to describing the various disorders: summarizing their hallmark symptoms and using video and anecdotes to give you a picture of what they re like. (ROSENHAN, 1973) Experiment in which 8 “normal” people made appts at sev mental hospitals Faked 1 symptom heard voices saying “empty,” “hollow,” and “thud.” Otherwise acted normal. Results All were admitted, & stayed an avg of 19 days (ranged 7-53). NONE identified by staff as faking. Staff often ignored them. Conclusions Sometimes tough to tell “sane” from “insane.” Or classify abnormality Labels can be harmful. Important to have firm criteria for diagnosis.
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