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Lecture 19(4:15)

Lecture 19(4:15) - Ch 13 TX of Disorders Lectures will be...

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1 Ch 13: TX of Disorders Lectures will be mainly on the psychotherapies. Focus on lecture content first to know how I’m organizing each TX, then read about each in the text. I won’t be lecturing much on biomedical treatments…there won’t be much to know from that section—I’ll identify relevant parts clearly on the study sheet. MAJOR TX APPROACHES PSYCHOANALYTIC Assumptions Symptoms of distress caused by unconscious conflicts, which influence current behaviors, emotions, and relationships Understanding & insight into these conflicts helps reduce distress. Format Therapist less active, mostly listens tries to be neutral to encourage development of “transference” Discussion of patient’s past Therapy long-term Meet couple times/wk for up to several yrs. Techniques Identify unconscious material through: Free association Patient’s spontaneous report of all thoughts & feelings Dream analysis Interpretations Therapist’s well -timed comments interpreting the underlying reason/motivation for a patient’s thought/feeling/behavior Designed to promote insight Psychodynamic Therapies Retains many psychoanalytic principles, but More directive. Briefer. Specific goal. Focus more on patient’s current relationships More common than psychoanalysis, which is becoming rare.
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2 BEHAVIORAL Assumptions Distress comes from unhealthy behavior Classical conditioning Operant conditioning Unhealthy behaviors learned/reinforced Receiving punishers, or losing reinforcers Format Therapist more active; is a teacher for the client.
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