Lecture 21 (4:22)

Lecture 21 (4:22) - to working by yourself Deindividuation...

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1 Factors of influence in Altruism Clarity of the need for help Mood & traits of the helper Environment Presence of others Bystander effect & diffusion of responsibility Absence of Help: The Bystander Effect Kitty Genovese incident 38* witnesses reportedly watched/heard her murder and did nothing pluralistic ignorance o weren’t sure it was an emergency, each looking to others for cues to indicate it was an emergency diffusion of responsibility o Presence of others decreases likelihood someone will help we all think someone else will do it OTHER GROUP DYNAMICS Social Facilitation An improvement in one’s performance due to the presence of others. presence of others produces arousal, which can improve performance for simple or well learned tasks o Social Loafing Exerting less effort when performing a group task as compared
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Unformatted text preview: to working by yourself Deindividuation ─ Individual in a group loses awareness of him/herself as a sep. individual. o Partic. during event w/ high arousal & anonymity ─ (Zimbardo, 1973) Stanford Prison Experiment Relationships INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION Influenced by 3 factors. .. 2 Proximity Physical nearness one of the strongest predictors ─ Mere exposure effect: o ─ But, perhaps it’s not physical proximity, but interaction accessibility that’s the predictor o Similarity Share same attitudes, interests, & values Provides consensual validation ─ o those w/ lower self-esteem often prefer those that give us lower evaluation But don’t opposites attract? ─ Sometimes… o ─ But similarity often better predicts how long the friendship/relationship lasts Physical Attractiveness...
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Lecture 21 (4:22) - to working by yourself Deindividuation...

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