Lecture 22 (4:27)

Lecture 22 (4:27) - Interpersonal Attraction PHYSICAL...

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1 Interpersonal Attraction PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS Size, shape, facial features, etc. “What is beautiful is good” bias o An example of the halo effect o Tendency for one good trait in a person to positively bias our ratings of the person's other trait o E.g., attractive people have been assumed to be Healthier, happier, warmer and more sensitive, more successful Tend to prefer “average” faces: symmetrical, w/ features that aren’t too small or big o Matching hypothesis strong correlation of partners’ attr. levels o we generally choose someone whose attractiveness matches our own But liking & attraction influence each other o may notice phys. imperfections less as you grow to like them more Love Relationships: Sternberg s Triarchic Theory of Love PASSION Physical attraction/arousal Sexual chemistry, romance, “spark” complete absorption in another Pass. Alone: “Infatuated Love” INTIMACY Close feeling of connection Think highly of them Can depend on them; get emotional support
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Lecture 22 (4:27) - Interpersonal Attraction PHYSICAL...

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