exercises2-withanswers - COMP30112 Concurrency Exercises...

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Unformatted text preview: COMP30112: Concurrency Exercises Howard Barringer March 2008 Topic 2.2: FSP Modelling Concurrency 1. Draw (at least part of) the LTS for combining two people’s days, i.e. combining two ‘DAY3’ LTS diagrams, with no interaction between the two people (use actions upA , upB etc). How can you represent actions performed in ‘abstract parallel’? 2. Now consider how to model both people having to drink either tea or coffee together, i.e. they must synchronize on their tea or coffee actions. 3. Work through the Topic 2.2 handout (copy of slides) and study the operators and examples. Invent your own examples using the parallel composition operator, de- scribe in FSP and draw the LTSs that correspond. 4. If you are using concurrency in your 3rd Year Project, attempt to give abstract specifications for the concurrent components in FSP. 5. Show that S1 and S2 describe the same behaviour: P = ( a-> b-> P ) . Q = ( c-> b-> Q ) . || S1 = ( P || Q ) . S2 = ( a-> c-> b-> S 2 | c-> a-> b-> S 2) . 6. ELEMENT = ( up-> down-> ELEMENT ) accepts an up action and then a down action. Using parallel composition and the ELEMENT process describe a model that can accept up to four up actions before a down action. Answer: Hint: Connect the ELEMENT processes together into a chain via renaming, leaving an up at one end and a down at the other, hiding other actions. Think of the processesat the other, hiding other actions....
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exercises2-withanswers - COMP30112 Concurrency Exercises...

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