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CS 211: Fall 2008. Homework 1. Due September 23 rd 6pm. Submit using Blackboard only – no hardcopy submissions . Questions 1 and 2 are required. Question 3 will not be graded and you can collaborate on question 3 only . Ques.1: Consider the process of improving the performance of a program by optimizing some of the code in the program and running it in an enhanced (i.e., optimized) form. Suppose that optimized instructions run 20 times faster than sequential . Derive the speedup equation when x% of the instructions are optimized . Determine the percentage of code that must be optimized to get a speedup of 2,5, and 10 respectively . If 25% of the code cannot be optimized (due to the inherently sequential nature such as I/O etc.), then what is the maximum speedup you can achieve . Ques.2: This question requires that you start using the simplescalar simulation environment. Refer to link posted on the course webpages for simplescalar information . Use the C compiler (gcc is the default for simplescalar) and compile the code for
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