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Homework 5. CS 211 Fall 2008. Due Nov.25, 6pm . Homework 5 is required and will count towards your total homework score, and you must answer both questions 1, 2. Homework 6 is optional – you can submit it and earn 20 points which can improve your overall homework grade. Even if you are not answering Homework 6, you still have to read through it to answer Question 2 of this homework. Even if you are not planning on answering Homework 6, it is strongly recommended that you think through it so you can better understand how code optimization can help improve the performance of the program . Ques.1 : Consider using list scheduling to schedule the following code (in a generic assembly) on (a) a scalar processor with exactly one functional unit, and (b) a ILP processor with two integer ALU functional units, 1 Load/Store unit, and 1 branch unit . Assume addition takes 1 cycle, and load/store,branch and multiplication take 2 cycles
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