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p0312 - Standard Atmosphere the temperature varies...

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3.12. CHAPTER 3, PROBLEM 12 351 3.12 Chapter 3, Problem 12 Problem: The world’s second tallest structure is a television transmitting station in North Dakota. On a day when the surface temperature is 50 o F, the temperature at the top of the TV tower is 42.6 o F. Estimate the height of the tower using the U. S. Standard Atmosphere to describe conditions in North Dakota. Solution: Assuming the North Dakota atmosphere is accurately described by the U. S.
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Unformatted text preview: Standard Atmosphere, the temperature varies according to T = T − α z = ⇒ z = T − T α The lapse rate is α = 18.85 o R/mi = 18.85 o F/mi. Also, we are given T = 50 o F and T = 42.6 o F. So, z = X 50 o F − 42 . 6 o F 18 . 85 o F / mi ~ X 5280 ft mi ~ = 2073 ft Therefore, based on the U. S. Standard Atmosphere, we conclude that the tower’s height is 2073 feet. The actual height is 2063 feet....
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