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Homework3 solution - it exactly Assume EK=-90mV ENa= 55mV...

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Calculated Numeric: You measure the Ca++ equilibrium pote. .. Question You measure the Ca++ equilibrium potential and you find it's a whopping +155mV. Use the Nernst equation at 37degC to calculate the Calcium gradient (ratio of outside/inside calcium concentration). Answer 100000 Answer range +/- 1 Calculated Numeric: Using the weighted average of batteri. .. Question Using the weighted average of batteries equation (which you should memorize or know how to derive quickly), calculate the ratio of gK/gNa at rest, if the resting potential is -70mV. We figured this out roughly by eye in class but you can calculate
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Unformatted text preview: it exactly. Assume EK= -90mV, ENa=+55mV. Hint: assume gNa = 1 without loss of generality. Answer 6.25 Answer range +/- 0.005 Calculated Numeric: Using the value you calculated for gK. .. Question Using the value you calculated for gK in the above problem, what value does the sodium conductance have to climb to so that Vm will head up to +20mV (as during an action potential)? Give your answer rounded to 2 digits to the right of the decimal place. Answer 19.64 Answer range +/- 0.005...
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