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Pre-Quiz 2 Solutions

Pre-Quiz 2 Solutions - Answer 40.33 Answer range 0.005...

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Question 1 Assume a cell membrane has ion channels that conduct a single ionic species: Ca++. Assume the calcium ions are pumped so that the concentration is 100 mM outside and 5 mM inside. What is the resting membrane potential of this cell? Provide answer in mV rounded to 2 digits to the right of the decimal.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer 40.33 Answer range +/- 0.005 Question 2 Assume the membrane potential of a cell is currently at -40 mV, and the conductance to K+ across the membrane is 1.4 nS. If the K+ reversal potential (i.e. battery value) is -90 mV, what is the outward K+ current in pA? Answer 70 Answer range +/- 0.5...
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