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Quiz 4 Solutions

Quiz 4 Solutions - What is the decaying term D for n just...

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Question A cell containing voltage dependent potassium channels has been clamped to -39mV for a long time so n has reached it's steady state value for that membrane potential. At t=0, the membrane potential is abruptly clamped from -39mV to -2mV. Using the graphs of n_inf and tau_n on the board, you will assemble the equation for n(t). First, what is the starting value of n? Answer 0.1 Question What is the asymptote of n immediately after t=0? Answer 0.45 Question
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Unformatted text preview: What is the decaying term D for n just after t=0? Answer-0.35 Question What is the time constant of n during the period after t=0? (give answer in ms) Answer 1.5 Question What is the value of n at t=2ms? (round to 2 digits to the right of the decimal) Answer 0.358 Question If the total potassium conductance is 1nS assuming 100% of the potassium channels are open, what is gK at t=2ms? (give answer in nS to at least 2 significant digits) Answer 0.0164...
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