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Psych Extra Credit #2 - that Sarah smiles It is reinforcing...

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Psych Extra Credit #2 1. To maximize the amount of smiles John receives from Sarah, I would give him a puppy. The puppy would act as an unconditioned stimulus which would evoke the unconditioned response of a smile from Sarah, because everybody knows that girls smile at puppies. I would have John introduce himself to Sarah holding a puppy, and I would have John bring the puppy along for the first few dates, which could perhaps be walks through the park. Then, I would have John stop bringing the dog for future dates. This would make John the conditioned stimulus and Sarah’s smiling the conditioned response. 2. If I were to use operant conditioning to increase the frequency of Sarah smiling at John, I would have John smile back at Sarah every time she smiled at him. This would be an example of positive reinforcement. It is positive because something is added every time
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Unformatted text preview: that Sarah smiles. It is reinforcing because John’s smiling will increase the likelihood of Sarah smiling. After all, who says John’s smile isn’t every bit as good as Sarah’s? 3. I could use observational learning to increase Sarah’s frequency of smiling by pointing out some role models of today’s society. In every one of her romantic movies, it seems that Renee Zellweger always gets the guy, and in the process she smiles a good deal. If after watching some of those movies, Sarah learns a little from Renee, she will smile more frequently at John because she notices that it works for Renee in the films. 4. I’d probably slip some ecstasy into Sarah’s drink, as it’s known for making users feel close and empathetic to those around them. However, I probably wouldn’t advise John to take Sarah clubbing after the fact....
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