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Wyatt McCallum Extra Credit 1) Using psychoanalysis, I would put Hank on a couch and attempt to understand his unconscious thought processes which lead to his fear of snakes. I would have him free associate while on that couch, and then interpret what he says in an attempt to discover what caused his fear. Especially if Hank rejects my analysis, I would analyze this resistance to see if his fear was caused by some childhood experience or some psychosexual fixation; perhaps Hank is afraid of snakes because they look like penises. I may even try to analyze his dreams to see if they serve as metaphors for his unconscious conflicts which are producing this fear of snakes. As a psychodynamic psychologist, I feel this approach would be effective because all phobias occur as a result of unconscious thought processes. Some thoughts in the brain are causing his fear, and I must drive these thoughts into the conscious mind to discover what caused it. 2)
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