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Wyatt McCallum Professor Gealy Modern Jewish Literature November 15, 2011 Response Paper #7 For this response paper I read Panther in the Basement by Amos Oz. I enjoyed reading it because it addresses a particular part of history I’m not familiar with, namely the formation of the Jewish state of Israel in the Middle East. Considering all of the strife currently occurring in Israel, seeing its beginnings from the perspective of a young boy is fascinating. The fact that this is an autobiography, complete with all of the thoughts and musings of the author and narrator, makes it especially real to the reader. It was very easy to read this because Oz mixes his recollections of interesting memories from his childhood with his own analysis of the events as he stands remembering them almost forty years later. His interactions with Sergeant Dunlop, his childish fantasies about the Jewish resistance, and his first stirrings of affection towards women are all examined by someone who is a master wordsmith. His descriptions of his father’s library are so detailed the point that Oz
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MJL Response #7 - Wyatt McCallum Professor Gealy Modern...

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