Econ Seminar Essay #1

Econ Seminar Essay #1 - Wyatt McCallum The Tale of Two...

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Wyatt McCallum The Tale of Two Cities Coming to Northwestern was a major decision. I’d like to say that it involved a great multitude of factors, that my deliberation over my college choices was a long, hard struggle and that afterwards, all of my research and thinking pointed solidly towards one institution. However, that would be a false statement for a few reasons. Even while I was signing my intent papers to attend Northwestern, my decision still didn’t seem clear, and unfortunately, I didn’t do nearly enough college research during my senior year to make the issue any clearer. However, looking back I can identify the factors I considered in choosing Northwestern, and can explain why it’s the place for me. I’ll start from the beginning. While thinking about college, I ended up applying to twelve universities just to see where I got in, and was rejected or waitlisted by half of them. From there, I whittled down my list to four colleges, those being Duke, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and Notre Dame. They were definitely the most academically competitive institutions into which I was accepted, and they each had their own separate reputations to consider, but I was fairly sure that if I graduated from any of them I could get a good job, support a family, and live comfortably. From there, the factors I used to separate them were somewhat more subjective. Duke was the first institution I eliminated. I went into Duke relatively blind; it was one of my first college visits and all I had ever been concerned with was if their basketball team would continue to win. However, from my visit I began to understand exactly which benefits I wanted from a college, and which costs I was unwilling to accept. In evaluating Duke, I recognized its academic strength, as it was ranked higher than the other universities I was considering. If I graduated, I thought I would receive more monetary benefits down the road as a result of making
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This note was uploaded on 02/06/2012 for the course ECON 110 taught by Professor Martinzelder during the Fall '10 term at Northwestern.

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Econ Seminar Essay #1 - Wyatt McCallum The Tale of Two...

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