Econ Seminar Essay #2

Econ Seminar Essay #2 - Wyatt McCallum The Soundtrack To My...

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Wyatt McCallum The Soundtrack To My Life Life really is filled with choices. In examining how I attempt to make rational choices during a given day, I decided to choose the day where Kid Cudi and Snoop Dogg came to Northwestern. I did this because I wanted a day in which I was forced to make many choices. After thinking about it, I realized I could have easily chosen a regular day as well. However, the day of the concert struck me as a little more interesting. Therefore, using that day as a focal point, I’ll start from the beginning. Fridays are by far my favorite days here at Northwestern because they afford me the most free time and I can forget about homework until Sunday. Unfortunately, this Friday was an exception. This particular Friday, after going to all of my classes, I went to meet my favorite professor, Dr. Zelder, to obtain his expert criticism and ultimately the grade on my first college paper. After leaving the Kellogg building, I checked my pocket to realize I had lost my room key, which led to a much more stressful morning than anticipated. After running around campus looking for the housing department, I ultimately had half an hour before I was due at Swift Hall for a psychology study, which led to my first decision. In this case, my decision involved multiple options. I had to choose between eating lunch before or after the study. It wasn’t a particularly stressful decision because I had an unlimited meal plan at the dining halls, so I could potentially choose both. The costs of eating lunch before the study included being rushed for time as I would probably only have twenty minutes. Also, I felt that most people wouldn’t eat lunch before one so I could be pretty lonely. I hadn’t eaten yet that day, however, so benefits would include increased energy and decreased hunger, as well as
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Econ Seminar Essay #2 - Wyatt McCallum The Soundtrack To My...

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