PPI Assignment #1

PPI Assignment #1 - Wyatt McCallum Wood Alternatives While...

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Wyatt McCallum Wood Alternatives While conifer wood remains the primary material used in paper production and construction, multiple materials exist that could serve as alternatives for both purposes. It will probably be at least a few decades before wood can be gradually phased out of use for these purposes, but the sooner we start the better for the environment. On this subject, two alternative material sources that seem practical to use in paper production are hemp and kenaf, and two alternatives for constructional uses include bamboo and recycled plastic. Hemp has already proven a great writing medium. It has been used for centuries, for some of history’s most important documents. It grows quickly, requires little pesticides, no bleaching, and can hold type for up to 1,500 years. However, its main drawback is that it is hemp, which is Cannabis sativa , or pot. It contains THC, which can be misused as a drug. Therefore, hemp cannot be grown and harvested within the United States, which means that if hemp were to replace wood in paper production, we would have to rely on foreign imports to get it done. As we already depend on many other foreign imports, this may be a limiting factor that
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PPI Assignment #1 - Wyatt McCallum Wood Alternatives While...

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