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anthro notes ch.3 - Ch.3: Applying Anthropology Applied...

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Ch.3: Applying Anthropology Applied Anthropology: the use of anthropological data, perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, and solve contemporary problems involving human behavior and social and cultural forces, conditions and contexts Applied Anthropology in All Fields: Garbologists help the EPA, the paper industry, and packaging and trade associations Archaeology is applied in cultural resource management and historic preservation Biological Anthropologists work in public health, nutrition, genetic counseling, substance abuse, epidemiology, aging, and mental illness Forensic Anthropologists work with the police, medical examiners, the courts, and international organizations to identify victims of crimes, accidents, wars and terrorism Linguistic Anthropologists study physician—patient interactions and show how dialect differences influence classroom learning * One of the most valuable tools in applying anthropology is the ethnographic method Proper Roles for Applied Anthropologists: 1. Identifying needs for change that local people perceive 2. Working with those people to design culturally appropriate and socially sensitive change 3. Protecting local people from harmful policies and projects that may threaten them *A program or project always has multiple effects, some of which are unforeseen Development Anthropology: the branch of applied anthropology that focuses on social issues in, and the cultural dimension of, economic development A common goal of recent development policy is to promote equity Increased equity means reduced poverty and a more even distribution of wealth, but to increase equity projects must have support of reform- minded governments and wealthy and powerful people typically resist
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anthro notes ch.3 - Ch.3: Applying Anthropology Applied...

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