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anthro notes ch.16 - Ch.16 Political Systems Political...

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Ch.16: Political Systems Political Organization: comprises those portions of social organization that specifically relate to the individuals or groups that manage the affairs of public policy or seek to control the appointment or activities of those individuals or groups Tribes’ Political System: Had economic based on nonintensive food production Lacked a formal government and had no reliable means of enforcing political decisions Foraging Bands: Lacked formal law in the sense of a legal code with trial and enforcement The absence of law did not entail total anarchy Some bands had headmen and shamans (part-time religious specialists) these positions conferred little power on those who occupied them Most disputes between men and originated over women (wife stealing or adultery) No notion of private ownership of territory or animals Main regulatory officials: village heads, “big men”, descent group leaders, village councils, and leaders of pantribal associations Egalitarianism diminishes as village size and pop density inc As regulatory problems increase, political hierarchies become more complex and political organizations become less personal and more formal and less kin oriented Village Head: only leadership position among the Yanomami always a man and his authority, like that of a foraging band’s leader, is severely limited lacks the right to issue orders, can only try to influence public opinion when a group is dissatisfied with a headman its members can leave and found a new village The “Big Man”: an elaborate version of the village head with supporters in several villages
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anthro notes ch.16 - Ch.16 Political Systems Political...

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