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anthro notes ch.18 - Ch. 18: Families, Kinship, and Descent...

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Ch. 18: Families, Kinship, and Descent Nuclear Family: consists of parents and children, normally living together in the same household A nuclear family only lasts as long as the parents and children remain together Most belong to atleast two nuclear families at different times in their lives Family of orientation: the family in which one is born and grows up Family of procreation: the family formed when one marries and has children Relations with nuclear family members usually takes precedence over relations with other kin Descent Groups: groups composed of people claiming common ancestry Basic units in the social organization of nonindustrial food producers Descent group membership is determined at birth and is lifelong (an ascribed status) Descent groups frequently are exogamous: members must seek their mates from other descent groups Descent groups may be lineages or clans: both of which believe that members descend from the same apical ancestor: who stands at the apex, or top, of the genealogy Local descent group: any branch of a descent group that lives in one place Matrilineal descent: people join the mother’s group automatically at birth and stay members throughout life Patrilineal descent: people automatically have lifetime membership in the father’s group Unilineal descent: the descent rule uses only one line, either the male or the female line both matrilineal and patrilineal descent are types of unilineal descent Ambilineal descent: people are not automatically excluded from a group and can choose
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anthro notes ch.18 - Ch. 18: Families, Kinship, and Descent...

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