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anthro notes ch.20 - Ch. 20: Religion Religion: a belief...

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Ch. 20: Religion Religion: a “belief and ritual concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces” religion exists in all human societies and is a cultural universal Communitas : an intense community spirit, a feeling of great social solidarity, equality and togetherness Animism: the earliest form of religion based around the belief that two entities inhabit the body: one active during the day the other – a double or soul – active during sleep and trance states although they never meet, they are vital to each other when the double permanently leaves the body the person dies (aka death is the departure of the soul) Mana: a sacred impersonal force existing in the universe Mana can reside in people, animals, plants and objects Mana was similar to our notion of efficacy or luck Mana wasn’t potentially available to everyone but was attached to political offices chiefs and nobles had more mana than ordinary people since chiefs had so much mana, their bodies and possessions were taboo ( set apart as sacred and off – limits to ordinary people) Magic: supernatural techniques intended to accomplish specific aims Techniques include spells, formulas, and incantations used with deities or with impersonal forces People turn to magic when they face uncertainty and danger, or when they come to a gap in their knowledge or powers of practical control yet have to continue in a pursuit Imitative magic: producing a desired effect by imitating it
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anthro notes ch.20 - Ch. 20: Religion Religion: a belief...

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