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Anthro Review End of Eocene: major prosimian extinction esp. in Northern Hemisphere Potentially out competed by anthropoids Dual Inheritance: culture and biology working together i.e lactose tolerance: became lactose tolerant because of our culture and want to drink milk from cows cystic fibrosis: resist tuberculous tay sachs: designation of Homo given to h. habilis because brain inc. and association with tools 500-800 cc not huge but much bigger than primates of 300 cc association with oldowan tools habilis (2.5 m.y.a) ergaster and erectus can be lumped and overlaps habilis
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Unformatted text preview: erectus persists til pretty late overlaps with archaic h. sapiens 150,000 to 135,000 b.p anatomically modern humans (homo sapien sapiens ) art and language connected to eachother “Eve” traced back 200,000 yrs ago 2 species chimps in genus pan 1 species gorilla in genus gorilla gorilla 2 species of orangs 1 human cline: gradual shift from one population to another carbon 14(short half life) up to 40,000 yrs and potassium argon( really long half life) older than 500,000 yrs rise of anthropoid: in eocene 38-36 m.y.a in Egypt (egyptopithicus)...
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