ch. 9 anthro notes

ch. 9 anthro notes - Ch.9 The Genus Homo H rudolfensis and...

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Ch.9: The Genus Homo H. rudolfensis and H. habilis KNM-ER 1470: dated between 1.8 – 2.4 m.y.a given own species name: Homo rudolfensis It’s brain size was more human but its molars recalled those of the hyperrobust australopithecine large brain (775 cm^3) and very large molars H.rudolfensis v. H. babilis habilis skull has a more marked brow ridge and a depression behind it, while rudolfensis has a less pronounced brow ridge and longer flatter face some hypothesize that rudolfensis lived earlier than and is ancestral to habilis some think they are simply male and female member of same species some think they are separate species that coexisted in time and space some think one or the other gave rise to H. erectus H. habilis and H. ergaster/ erectus OH62: dated to 1.8 m.y.a surprising because small size and apelike limb bones - scientists had originally assumed H. habilis to be taller than tiny “Lucy” - long apelike bones illustrate that H. habilis may have still sought occasional refuge in the trees Sister Species: the relationship between H. habilis and H. erectus new finds from Ileret, Kenya illustrate: 1) H. habilis and H. erectus overlapped in time rather than being ancestors and descendents apparently split from a common ancestor prior to 2 m.y.a the fact they were able to remain separate species for so long suggests they had their own ecological niche, thus avoiding direct competition 2) Sexual dimorphism in H. erectus was much greater than expected Tool Sophistication: tool making became more sophisticated soon after the advent of H. erectus tool edges became straighter more sophisticated tools aided in hunting and gathering tools could batter, crush, and pulp coarse vegetation to reduce chewing demands
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H. erectus Adaptations:
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ch. 9 anthro notes - Ch.9 The Genus Homo H rudolfensis and...

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