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IAH 206-Paper 3 - Lauren Nelson Due Paper 3-English vs...

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Lauren Nelson Due: 2-6-12 Paper 3-English vs. Irish and Native Americans The English seemed to believe that their responsibilities included modernizing Ireland and North America by changing their religion to Christianity, forcefully being brutal and changing their culture. The first step to reforming the citizens of Ireland and North America was to change their religion to Christianity. During the 1600s, people of England travelled to North America and Ireland, mainly to make usage of the land for agricultural purposes. (Recitation, 3 Feb. 2012) While being in Ireland, the English noticed that the natives were Protestants. Along with living like barbaric animals, the English believed that Christianity would help them become cultured. Similarly, their motives for the American Indians were similar, only their opinions about them were quite different. Englishmen adored the Indians for their bodies (shape and skin complexion).
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