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Lauren Nelson Due: 1-30-12 Short Paper 2 Racism dealing with African history was created in a few locations, such as Iberia, Brazil, Portuguese and North America from the 13 th century until the 19 th century due to how people related them to the image of the Devil, their ability to not grow ill from common diseases in other countries and fear of them rising against the elites. Africans were already accustomed to a subtle form of slavery from each other, but racial slavery began in the 13 th century, due to the sub-Saharan Arab slave trade that transferred them to other areas, such as Iberia. These African slaves were utilized for working the Brazilian sugar plantation and as servants, crop pickers and just about any other physically demanding job in other countries and even their native land. The great demand and usage of African slaves in Iberia may be due to how history and people’s dreams depicted the Devil; since beliefs of the Devil were that he was black, many non- Africans figured that Africans were sinful and devilish and should be treated as such. When reviewing the reasons Brazil and Portuguese had for enslaving Africans
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