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1 EE 450 Sample Questions 5 Summer ’09 ● Nazarian 1. (2 points) What kind of problem can arise when two hosts on the same Ethernet share the same hardware address? Describe what happens and why that behavior is a problem. 2. (15 points) As ISP is granted a block of addresses starting with The ISP wants to distribute these blocks to 100 organizations with each organization receiving just 8 addresses. Design the subblocks and give the slash notation for each subblock. Find out how many addresses are still available after these allocations. 3. (15 points) An organization is granted the block The administrator wants to create 500 fixed-length subnets. a. Find the subnet mask. b. Find the number of addresses in each subnet. c. Find the 1 st and last addresses in subnet 1. d. Find the 1 st and last addresses in subnet 500. 4. (10 points) Find the range of addresses in the following blocks.
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