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EE 450 Quiz2 Solutions Summer 2009 Nazarian July 16 Name________________________________________ Lecture 8 A.M. Score: __/100 1) A block in class A address is too large for almost any organization. This means most of the addresses in class A are wasted and not used. A block in class C is probably too small for many organizations. 2) If the first is 1024, then the second is 1025 and the last is 1024 + 99 = 1123 3) The network address in a block of addresses is the first address. 4) If no fragmentation occurs at the router, then the only field to change in the base header is the time to live field. If fragmentation does occur, the total length field will change to reflect the total length of each datagram. The more fragment bit of the flags field and the fragmentation offset field may also change to reflect the fragmentation. 5) The first byte number can be calculated from the offset itself. If the offset is 120, that
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