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Tao Qian's Drinking Poem Response

Tao Qian's Drinking Poem Response - demonstrated by line 6...

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Tao Qian's poem VII has a very calm and romantic mood. The poem starts with the poet sipping on a cup of wine, with chrysanthemum flowers floating inside. He describes in detail the petals of this flower which shows his appreciation for the simple things in life. The poem then goes to describe the way the birds and nature end their days very methodically, which may in a way suggest his acceptance and understanding of death, though he believes his drinking will prolong death. The poet seems very satisfied and shows a content attitude towards his drinking, which is
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrated by line 6. He reasons that once his cup his empty, refilling it is the simple solution. I think the poem emphasizes the idea that drinking can be seen as a peaceful and calm act, versus some of the other negative connotations it may have. Here, the poet drinking wine is associated with the calmness of nature, and feelings of tranquility towards death. The poem ends in a very serene nature, suggesting that drinking has given the poet the ability to see his life in a more accepting way than if he was sober....
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