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Final Study Guide - Intro to Computer Science Chapter 1...

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Intro to Computer Science Chapter 1 Hardware- physical components of a computer (monitor, keyboard, hard drive) Software- programs that execute on the computer (word processing, accessing the Web) -Von Neumann architecture is made of 3 components (input/output devices, memory, central processing unit (CPU)) CPU- fetches program instructions from the memory and executes those instructions Memory is divided between main memory (RAM, cache) which is fast, volatile, and expensive, used for what is currently being accessed and secondary memory (hard disk, CD-ROM) which is slow, permanent and inexpensive and is used for data that is not currently needed Bit- binary digit, unit of storage that can differentiate between 2 values (0, 1) Byte- collection of 8 bits and is sufficient for representing 256 different values KB=1000 bytes, MB=1 million bytes, GB=1 billion bytes, TB=1 trillion bytes Applications software- carry out tasks within a particular application area (word processing, graphical design) Systems software- manages the resources/behavior of the computer itself Operating system- collection of systems software that controls how CPU, input/output and memory work together Chapter 2 HTML- HyperText Markup Language -Must start with <!doctype html> Chapter 3
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Final Study Guide - Intro to Computer Science Chapter 1...

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