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into the Wild Essay1 - Kenzie Fisher 2/9/2012 B3 Into the...

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Kenzie Fisher 2/9/2012 B3 Into the Wild Essay “Wilderness appealed to those bored or disgusted with man and his works. It not only offered an escape from society but also was an ideal stage for the Romantic individual to exercise the cult that he frequently made his own soul. The solitude and total freedom of the wilderness created a perfect setting for either melancholy or exultation.” From page 157. Nature seems to connect with man when man finds a fault with mankind. Man can not only use nature as a way to escape society but to also enjoy its beauty. The final understanding of ones self concludes with triumphant or failure. Wilderness provides an escape from society and the disappointments of mankind and it provides one with an opportunity to triumph over adversity. The epigraph is almost always correct. Where else can a man go if he is disgusted with mankind and society? The Wilderness gives man the chance to be challenged by nature and oneself without being judged by mankind and society. He is free to be self- sufficient. The triumphs will always be with you as well as the failures. And in the extreme case of challenging the wilderness the failure was fatal Chris McCandless was disgusted with the truth about his father and the double life he led. He was very displeased about coming from wealth and didn’t like what his father had done in the past with his family. So he turned to the wilderness for the answers. He tried to escape from society and exercise his independence, self-sufficiency,
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into the Wild Essay1 - Kenzie Fisher 2/9/2012 B3 Into the...

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