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Business Plan Project – Group Reports GROUP REPORT # 5 – MANAGEMENT PLAN (MISSION, VALUES, FORM, AND STRUCTURE) The team should submit a written report providing the following items for your firm: Mission statement, core values, legal form of organization, and organizational structure. For more details refer to the Mission Statement and Core Values section of the Introducing Your Business Plan document. In addition, you should also consider the following: 1. The rationale for the legal form of business selected. 2. A description of the relationships among individuals within the company and provide a
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Unformatted text preview: description of the major responsibilities of each team member. These relationships should be presented graphically by including an organization chart as an appendix to the report. The report should be two double-spaced typed pages. The name of your proposed business and the names of all team members should appear on the report. To receive credit for your work, all team members who participate in completing the report should sign it. If any team member does not work on the report, his or her name should not appear on it. 1...
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