lab6 - 40 Enter hourly pay rate: 15.50 Enter Dates of Pay...

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Lab 6: Java Programming In this lab you will be taking the financial applications payroll system you wrote in Lab 5 and adding code so the input values specified below will be part of your input data. In addition rewrite your Payroll statement using the printf command instead of println to format the output of the payroll statement. Follow the directions below: 1. Go into your lab5 folder on the sunlab machines and transfer your file to your desktop. 2. Add code to your input section of your program in order to retrieve additional input values. 3. Using the printf statement modify the output of your Payroll Statement so it formats as specified below. Input Values Enter Employee's Name (First and Last) John Smith Enter number of hours worked in a pay period:
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Unformatted text preview: 40 Enter hourly pay rate: 15.50 Enter Dates of Pay Period Worked 1/5/2011 2/1/2011 Enter federal tax withholding rate: 15 Enter state tax withholding rate: 5 PayRoll Statement Employee's Last Name: Smith Employee's First Name: John Pay Period Worked: 1/5/2011 - 2/1/2011 Hours Worked: 40 Hourly Rate: $15.50 Gross Pay: $620.00 Deductions: Federal Withholding (15.0%): $ 93.00 State Withholding ( 5.0%): $ 31.00 Total Deduction: $124.00 Net Pay: $496.00 You must provide the following documentation at the top of your program. See below: /* CSE 15 Your name Your user id Program Description: Describe the purpose of the Lab Lab #6 Date: October 4, 2011 */ Create a folder in your cse015.114 folder called lab6 . Copy into the lab6 folder. ....
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lab6 - 40 Enter hourly pay rate: 15.50 Enter Dates of Pay...

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