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lab7 - Lab 7 Java Programming In this lab you will be...

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Lab 7: Java Programming In this lab you will be taking the Equation program we wrote in class and adding two additional methods in order to reduce the amount of redundancy that is in the program. I have posted on coursesite the program we wrote in class. Follow the directions below: 1. Go to coursesite and download Equation.java. 2. Compile Equation.java and run it. 3. Enter a non-integer value when prompted for a menu value. 4. Does the program work properly? Does the error message appear more than once? 5. If the error message appears more than once, why is this happening? Could there be something left on the buffer that should be removed? If so how do you remove an item from the buffer and where should it be removed? Fix the error. 6. Next re-run the program and enter a 1 for an addition problem. Enter a 6 instead of a 5 to answer the problem. The program should give you an error message stating you entered an incorrect answer and allow you to try again. This time enter an a. Why did the program throw you out of the program? What can you do to
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