lab13 - Lab 13 Databases By the end of this lab you will...

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Lab 13: Databases By the end of this lab, you will have practiced the concepts of a database system. On coursesite is two databases, ( MusicCollection2.mdb and Hotel.accdb ),transfer each database to your desktop. Open Microsoft Access on your computer by going to All Programs/Microsoft Office/Microsoft Access 2010. Microsoft Access could take a few minutes to load and open. Note, Hotel.accdb is the database we created in class on Monday. Use this database as a resource when creating queries in the MusicCollection2.mdb database. Located in the Music Collection2.mdb database are four tables(CD Types, CDS, Genres and songs) . Open each table by double clicking on the name of table. This should open the table up in datasheet view, where you can see all of the entities in the tables. Look at the fields in the tables and get a feel for the values that are stored in each table. Next create the following queries: To create a query in Access, click create on the menu bar and then Query Design on the tool bar: A list of table names will be displayed in a dialog box, choose the table(s) needed to make four separate queries. First Query : Create a query that will display all CD Titles, CD Types, Labels, Released, Cost and Description from the CD Table, where the released date is 2003. Save the query as CD – 2003 . Run the query and the result should look as follows:
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lab13 - Lab 13 Databases By the end of this lab you will...

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