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3 - Physics 2220 Name KEY Spring 2009 I.D Instructor(circle...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2220 Name: KEY Spring 2009 I.D.: Instructor (circle one): Matteson Weathers Quiz 3 A very long cylindrical conducting wire of radius a is coaxial with a long cylindrical insulating shell of inner radius 12 and outer radius 0, as shown. The wire carries a charge per unit length A, and the shell carries a uniform volume charge density p throughout the insulating material. Use Gauss’s law to answer the following: (1 pt.) Find the electric field for r < a, where r is the distance from the central axis of the conductor. EQ‘O) =0 W tins Muslim. CW‘M eaydiu‘lévim. Cut—away View 2. (3 pt.) Find the electric field for a < r < b. W at find/mail GWSIM swfim all-radius r M lain/{H melvic «with (MIC: gait: L?” —>> E2wr£~’le“% =-> E: Alva (Mama) 3 (3 pt.) Find the electric field for b < r < 0. Saw? 44(2), Fitter" WW SWPM‘I CW47‘L lwflm shell is walesad‘ 61W WM“? (dim? m) => E-zrmt= W) => E= 7%?)er 4. (3 pt.) Find the electric field for r > c. Seminal, except «Matt at OW 0H1; biiwsw i's Mac! I QM =Rfl+€',067c2-nioz) ( 1— If) a (H nQ‘vbz " $E‘ZWQ=M%LE‘ a>5= far 6,. ...
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