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4 - Physics 2220 Name[$51 Spring 2009 I.D Instructor(circle...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2220 Name: [$51 Spring 2009 I.D.: Instructor (circle one): Matteson Weathers Quiz 4 A solid spherical conductor of radius a is concentric with a hollow spherical conducting shell of inner radius 1) and outer radius 6, as shown. The central sphere carries a charge Q, and the shell carries a charge q. Assume that the electric potential goes to ‘ zero infinitely far from the conductors. (3 pt.) Find the electric potential for r > c, where r is the distance from the centers of the conductors. v.5 Smm’k’lfi‘” CW4 (62%): v; W”) Cut-away View 2. (2 pt.) Find the electric potential for b < r < c. 'llupolwhaiml‘dssw 151442 5mm «ht: 5W5 CWwemMJWafWJMMéWMné/WACW q, M V (5 duhaflilvmc ;outsii2aswaisw_mw mint 0% r'sltrsmmémfou’ 4W Miufdr flu WM PMJ liWMWh wa'fhswsmglm v vma, v ti” "tflrr ‘11 WM ll 4. (2 pt.) Find the electric potential for r < a. V v “v w l‘L—~(3*“vl+‘i—‘—%J =kq[‘93’+a,(t-—t)l a, ...
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