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5 - Physics 2220 Name KEY Spring 2009 I.D Instructor(circle...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2220 Name: KEY Spring 2009 I.D.: Instructor (circle one): Matteson Weathers Quiz 5 All the resistors in the figure have identical values of 30.0 Q each. The batteries each have a terminal voltage of V= 17.00 V. Find the power dissipated in resistor R4. [Hintz first collapse the obvious parallel or series combinations of resistors into single equivalent resistances] R1233: (fittjizgy': % 257a; '5 7" 59““ W‘n" 72576;, 5'" Elana}, : Kasai} 2W2? '7 B§+2R -" 33‘? ‘. Rune“, C‘WH swim“ +., V2. R “‘5 obvlow: W #92 Velma acms E isV; (uric/3% (394A MI)” W lam WM MW Wag ital 6W rmutm ). ...
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