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Chanel White 11-9-2011 Movie Reflection After watching the film, “The F.B.I.’s War on Black America,” I left class with some new knowledge. Not only did I not know about the counter intelligence program, also known as “Cointelpro”, but I did not know about some of the people that were mentioned in the film as well. Throughout the film, it continued to go over the fact that the government/ F.B.I. had a role in the reasons why such great leaders were killed. The assignations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Fred Hampton were cases that showed that white America refused to have any type of change. The film showed that as soon as these men started to take meaningful steps, as Eldridge Cleaver states, toward gaining freedom for the black community, they were taken down. To me, the white community was just sacred, sacred of the fact that we as blacks could possibly rise up and start to run the country. Co-founder of the Black Panther party, Huey P. Newton, states in the film that white people wanted to keep the “status quo in tack,” meaning that they
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to keep white people on top and black people on the bottom. With this type of mid set, an image was created in the minds of blacks. I agree with Geronimo Pratt on the issue that blacks were living in a war for change, economic freedom, cultural identity, equality, peace, survival, and self-determination. I never knew that the government/F.B.I. was literally spying on blacks and actually out to get all of those who were trying to make some changes. Looking at all these things that were being put up against blacks during this time, there is no wonder why blacks rebelled. Like a comment that was made in the movie, they were not riots, but rebellions. Overall, this movie just made me feel hurt and disgusted that white people, during this time, wanted to hurt, harm and kill blacks just because they felt they needed to be on top. Everything may not be perfect today, but at least things are different and a little better....
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