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Introduction: So far in this class we have explored different ways to increase ones physical activity. Two main ways to do this are through exercise and Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. We are here to tell you that exercise can do more to increase ones overall health. Physical activity is any sort of movement, but exercise is more beneficial to overall health because the increased intensity give the body more health benefits including… 1. Exercise can increase ones physiological benefits. For example, after an intense workout your BMR is raised throughout the day which results in a greater overall calorie expenditure. Studies show that an individual who is highly active has a BMR 5-19% higher than a sedentary individual. 2. An increase in exercise correlates with a decrease in cardiovascular disease and hypertension, in addition to renal, colon, and breast cancers. Exercising regularly has been shown to strengthen the heart muscle, increase HDL and blood flow which improves your hearts working capacity. By increasing your aerobic exercise you are able
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