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10/04/2011 Director Reports: Community Health Director: Jennifer Beltran Light the Night Walk is planned for Friday November 4. I had a team leader meeting at the Leukemia/Lymphoma office with Liz Cunningham. She gave me a large plastic poster that we can use to write on for any fundraising event that we may have for this or we could carry it on our walk. She also gave me a smaller poster to put up and a collection envelope. Last year the SDSU Nursing School team raised $1,205. This year I set our goal at $1500. I have created a website for our team at: It is very easy to join the team and/or donate $ to the team or a member of the team. People can also donate via check or cash, which I can put in the collection envelope and drop off to Liz Cunningham at the LLS. Ingegrative Health Night : One of our fellow students, James Zapf, was awesome and went to the event last Thursday at Hoover High School. The following is what he
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