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Meghan Ervin 2 - o I am going to use the information I...

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Informational Interview 1. Planning stage A. Conduct research B. Develop a goal My goal for these interviews is to gain insight into the career field of local city government. I am interested in attaining specific information on the position of City Manager, and Development Services Director C. Select ideal interviewee City Manager, Gram Mitchell Development Services Director, Carroll Dick D. Create interview schedule E. Pick an interview situation Lemon grove City Hall 2. Opening stage A. Establish rapport B. Orientation of the other party Why you chose them o I chose to interview someone in city government because I would like to get into city government after I graduate college. I am interested in city government because I feel that the government plays a vital role in connecting the people in the community together. When a network is formed in the community it allows for more opportunities for local businesses and strengthens community involvement. Explain how the information is used
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Unformatted text preview: o I am going to use the information I gather in this interview to gain insight into this career and assist me in writing a paper based on what I have learned about this career, and if after interviewing a professional in this career field, if I am still interested in getting into this career. 3. Body stage A. Ask well designed primary questions B. Listen and be patient C. Ask well designed second questions D. Listen and be patient E. Ask mostly open questions F. Be positive/do not apologize G. Be polite H. Avoid the biased questions/problem questions I. Minimize the yes/no questions J. Strong eye contact K. Conduct a pretrial/rehearsal L. Speak clearly M. Be careful taking notes N. Probe, probe, probe 4. Closing stage A. Express appreciation B. Summarize C. Discuss follow up activity Introduce me to another EE Ask if its ok to contact for any follow up questions Ask if they want a copy of the paper Ask if they have any questions...
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Meghan Ervin 2 - o I am going to use the information I...

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