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Ivette Ramirez Dr. Jess Ponting RTM 101 7 February 2012 Cyber-Day Assignment 1 1. According to The Free Dictionary (2012) leisure is freedom from time-consuming duties, responsibilities, or activities. On the other hand, the dictionary Merriam-Webster defines leisure as freedom provided by the cessation of activities. Both dictionaries provide a clear definition of leisure however, in my point of view one of the two make a better work defining leisure. Both definitions state the idea of leisure as free time from work with an emphasis on relaxation and enjoyment. With this in mind, according to my perspective The Free Dictionary provide a more concise definition. From my point of view leisure is defined as time for enjoyment letting aside work duties and stress. For this reason I strongly believe that the first definition is more concise and adequate in describing this word in particular. 2. During the course of every semester we all have some sort of free time to leave work behind and enjoy time with our friends and family. We all have different ways to spend our leisure time however, we all do it with one purpose in mind that is to leave stress and work duties behind. I strongly believe that I have sufficient leisure time during the week. I usually spend that time with my family and friends but I also love to spend that time by going shopping and listen to music. Listening to music makes me relax and enjoy every second of my free time, no matter
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cyberday1_second_document - Ivette Ramirez Dr Jess Ponting...

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