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I Have A Better Idea Business Scholarship

I Have A Better Idea Business Scholarship - through unique...

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MariCruz shaped my future goals. MariCruz is a young girl that attends a high school that I mentored in San Diego. She is a struggling immigrant who is one of the sole providers of her family. When I first met her the idea of going to college was a form of tease, because it couldn't ever happen. However, the more she told me about her dream career the more I just felt that I needed to help her, so I began to get a hold of my friends who knew of aid for immigrant college students and I started telling her about it. I convinced her to apply to college. Her story is one of the main reasons why I want to use my marketing skills to inform and reflect the true underrepresented voices of those who wish for the American dream but who live the American nightmare. I plan on using my degree to start a company that informs the public of underrepresented causes
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Unformatted text preview: through unique attire and accessories, with the catch of having half of the proceeds go to that specific need. Therefore, the more the people buy the product the more support that cause gets. For example, (one that I came up with) a philanthropy dedicated to drinking and driving may have a shirt flashing, "I'd rather be STAYIN' ALIVE, than to drink and drive." with a figure of the Bee Gee’s or one that catches people’s attention. The idea is that anyone can create a shirt for any cause whether it may be small, personal or international. With the use of my marketing, business, and creative skills I know this company will be a better idea not just for my future but for others as well....
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