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Juan Loera Reflection Paper #1 I have faced several time management challenges in my time at SDSU, mostly through my freshmen year. For one, I have experience not knowing when my tests are going to be and consequently not studying for them in a timely fashion. To overcome this, I have employed a simple strategy: I put all of my tests on my planner and study for them for the previous two days between classes and in all other free time that may present itself. This gives an intense study session and I tend to score A’s in the exams. For the papers that I may have due, I will start collecting data about two weeks in advance for my psychology papers, and will work on the actual paper throughout the previous week. There have been few time I have had a test or an assignment on a day too close for me to work on it properly, but this has been resolved by putting the deadlines on my planner. Then I will constantly refer to it so I can know how much time I have left until it is due and work on it accordingly.
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Unformatted text preview: Right now, the challenges I face are figuring out at what time to do my lab hours. I will schedule time slots in my planner so that I can do a minimum of 10 hours a week, using 2 hour slots. I also have to figure out for which organization I will volunteer for my class on Society and Disability (Gen S 420) because I have to do 15 hours total. I would prefer to work for the Center for the Blind nearby, but I will review all the possible agencies on the list provided by the instructor. I will look at them before contacting the Center for the Bling to make sure this is the best fit for me. I have to figure out also when to work on my class projects because I have to two classes requiring projects. I will contacts my classmates to create project groups and start organizing our time so we do not work on it until the last week. So although I have much work to do, I do not require help with anything concerning this....
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