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Khalid siddiqi 02-06- 2012 English 253 1) An insult, the crowd jeered at the politician 2) the scientists were the best accepted the prize gratefully 3) Because he can make better speeches than his opponent, he sounds more intelligent 4) The New Deal, which began by Franklin D. Roosevelt, shows almost no signs of life today 5) He gave to his advisers a lot power Ann Rammes has to teach a class at 8 A.M . she wakes up at 5:50 AM every school day during the semester, and then has a breakfast which includes cup of tea, toast , or cereal . She is from England and that is why she always has tea , but she has been living in the U.S.A about 25 years. After breakfast, she walks ten or twelve blocks to the number 4 or 5 train, goes to 42 nd street , changes to the number 6 train , and then she gets out of the train at Hunter College at 68 th Street. She buys a cup a coffee, takes it with her to her office where she picks up her papers and books.
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